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Worn and Branded Clothing Line is the American dream!

It was an idea that I thought of when I was just 12 years old and then made it become a reality at the age of 38, over 26 years after coming up with my clothing line idea.

It was something I thought of as an avid soccer player from the age of 4 years old. I realized I was always wearing, washing and re-wearing the same exact t-shirts every week or so. It wasn't because we didn't have enough money to buy new t-shirts or tank tops, it was because I loved that comfortable "worn in" and "broken in" feeling of an old comfortable shirt. I then thought to myself..."why can't I create my own company when I'm older that creates and sells these types of "worn in" comfortable clothing".

The Worn and Branded NYC LLC Clothing Line was founded with the purpose of creating high end quality clothing that focuses on comfort, style and clothing that has that already has that broken in and most importantly "worn in" feeling....Hence the name of the company "Worn and Branded NYC"....I was branding that the clothing was "worn in", so I put pen to paper one night and at the end of the night and about 30 phone calls later to my Mom...I came up with the official name Worn and Branded NYC, since I was branding that all of the clothing had that "worn in" feeling and added in the NYC because that is where I am from and it does lead as the world's fashion capital.

Worn and Branded focuses on both Men and Women's clothing. Our items include but are not limited to: Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, and Off the Shoulder Shirts via a number of items through our new Fashionable Clothing Line and also our additional clothing line of Athletic Wear called "Branded Fitness".

We sell our clothing online via our website and also through various outlets such as: Boutiques, Outlets via the Music Industry, Gyms, Athletic Shops with venues that include Indoor Rock Climbing Facilities, Surf and Skating Shops (which has been our fastest growing market in 2018) as well as Cross Fit Locations just to name a few. If you are interested in selling items from the  Worn and Branded Clothing Line, it can be done by hand picked pieces from our existing clothing line or creating unique clothing pieces using ideas by working together, please feel free to contact Lauren Greico at wornandbrandednyc@gmail.com.