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About us - Worn and Branded NYC Clothing Line

Worn and Branded NYC Clothing Line is a company that was founded to offer premium clothing that is most importantly besides fashionable...the clothing has that feeling that you're wearing "worn in" clothing that you've had for years and is already broken in and worn in just like your favorite t-shirts and sweatshirts. This concept is a High-End Clothing Line where each item of clothing feels worn in and comfortable. We also focus on working with our customers to create unique one of a kind pieces.

This high end unique clothing line is extremely passionate about it's comfort & style. It's simply about 100% comfortable clothing that is versatile, so that you can wear our clothing anytime from: working out in the gym in our tank tops (as I do), to lounging on the couch watching Sunday Football, and also to slipping on one of the shirts, a pair of jeans and heels for the women and then your ready to go out for a night on the town!!!

If you'd like to create a one of a kind piece of clothing for anything from one shirt to one hundred shirts, please contact us at wornandbrandednyc@gmail.com.

We of course would always like to hear feedback from our customers, so please email us directly at wornandbrandednyc@gmail.com.

You can also find Worn and Branded NYC on Facebook and Instagram.

Please contact us by email for any support, questions, feedback or for special orders at wornandbrandednyc@gmail.com.

We are located in the New York City area but can ship anywhere desired.

Thank you for your continued support to a small business!